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World’s First Online PvP Turn-Based Tactics RPG for Mobile

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World's First Online PvP Turn-Based Tactics RPG for Mobile Tactics Quest Arena is going to be the world's first online PvP turn-based tactics RPG for mobile. We are trying our best to stay true to the genre with advanced tactical gameplay, a great story, multiple classes all with over 15 different skills, abilities that stay with you between classes, stats...

Tactics Quest Arena Gameplay Showcase

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Tactics Quest Arena Gameplay Showcase The new Tactics Quest Arena Gameplay Showcase is here. We have been hard at work creating awesome content for Tactics Quest Arena. We are proud to offer a first look. Please note this video is pre-alpha. We have many things which we need to polish. Nonetheless, we are very excited about our progress. We hope...

New Maps and Places to Explore

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New Maps and Places to Explore Tactics Quest Arena has new maps and places to explore. Tactics Quest Arena is going to eventually have a plethora of different environments to play in. This 1000 mile journey begins with a single step. We have been creating different maps to play in and they are looking incredible. Each map features different obstacles…

Online PvP Tactics RPG

First Online PvP Tactics RPG for Mobile

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Online PvP Tactics RPG Tactics Quest Arena is the first online PvP tactics RPG for mobile. This is a huge accomplishment and we are excited that we can lead the way for tactics games on mobile. Other tactical RPGs on mobile use a fake AI version of your opponents team when you battle them. Tactics Quest Arena on the other…


Rise of the Slimes

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Tactics Quest Arena is making rapid progress. We have been working diligently to implement all of the awesome features that will make TQA a great experience for players. Before today, we only had support for character vs character combat, but this has changed! We just created our first set of monsters! They are as adorable as they are ferocious. Today,…


Kickstarter Countdown

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Tactics Quest Arena has been in production for around a year now, and we are soon going to need funding in order to continue moving forward. To remedy this Default Games is preparing to put the game on Kickstarter soon. This will require us to finish fixing up any bugs we have, finishing up somethings with the GUI, adding new…


IEEE GameSIG Bronze Winners

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Tactics Quest Arena brought home the bronze! We are very excited to have taken Third place in the 2015 IEEE GameSIG competition among thirty-four submissions! The competition was heated, there were many great games showcased at the event from various schools such as UC Irvine, Chapman University, and CSU Fullerton. The judging panel was made up of many talented game…

Success Mage

IEEE GameSig 2015 Finalist – Tactics Quest Arena

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IEEE GameSig 2015 Finalist, Tactics Quest Arena, has made is to the finals of the IEEE GameSig 2015 competition. IEEE GameSig 2015 is a competition where mutliple teams create games and then submit them to IEEE GameSig 2015 where they are judged by industry professionals. After the initial semi-finalists are chosen, 10 finalists are chosen to present there games infront…

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Default Games is comprised of a few passionate game developers who strive to create captivating game experiences. Tactics Quest Arena began as a side project, but quickly evolved into something much more. Our goal is to inspire young developers to follow their dreams and create something new and exciting just as we did.

Default Games’s is ready to fulfill their goals of being one of the best independent development teams. We are striving to create an amazing experience for gamers, both casual and hardcore, who love tactical RPGs such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, Front Mission, Tactics Ogre, and many others. Tactics Quest Arena provides all of the fun of a tRPG while incorporating various elements from other inspirations such as Dungeons and Dragons and Diablo. We are striving for greatness, with your support, we will get there!

Default Games, is a comprised of a group of people who truly love developing games, as well as playing them. We have taken our strong computer science backgrounds, as well as our love for gaming, and poured ourselves into Tactics Quest Arena. Although the team comes from various backgrounds, we are rooted in a common love for video games. We strive to keep pushing towards our goal of creating amazing and engaging content for both causal and hardcore gamers.

We here at Default Games believe that it is better to have a small team that is tightly connected with similar skill levels and a similar vision. Mathew Kelly, Joshua Edmonds, Rebecca Genin, and Charles Lister, are just that. What we lack in size, we make up for in determination, organization, and time management; this coupled with agile development techniques has provided a strong foundation for creating an amazing gaming experience. Check out our game development news page for more information.

Default Games is proud to announce our exciting new project: Tactics Quest Arena. Tactics Quest Arena is a turn-based tactical Role Playing Game being released for mobile devices. We hope to provide a fun, engaging, and addicting experience for a wide range of casual players, as well as hardcore turn based tactics gamers. Visit our development blog to see our progress!